Nepali cooking class & Homestay

At Kopila's Homestay, we welcome guests to participate and learn Nepalese cuisines. Homestay is best way to learn cooking Nepalese food and learn Nepalese herbs and spices. Nepalese cuisine is simply known as 'Dal Bhat' (lentil soup - steam rice). However it is combination of variety of vegetable curries, pickle, soup (beans or lentil) with steam rice. Still more than 70 % of people grow their own rice, lentils, spices and vegetables and eat organic 'Dal Bhat'. At our homestay cooking class, we present Nepalese cuisine as in old days seasoned with traditional Ayurvedic Himalayan herbs. This is like private cooking class with complete knowledge of spices and an experience of being with Nepalese family.

If you are travelling to Nepal, it worth to have extra day for local cultural experience. This would be very helpful if you are going to volunteer, doing internship or working in the remote for long time. You will have oppertunity to understand how Nepalese family work, learn local language and cook local.
The Nepali cooking class is available from a day to a week. Even though 'Dal Bhat' is the national food, there are varieties of Nepalese cuisines like MoMo (dumplings stuffed with vegetables, meat); Chatamari (bread of lentil bread and egg or meat), Sel Roti and more.

Kopila homestay is 'Eco homestay' trying to be example of eco friendly lifestyle in the heart of bustling city of Kathmandu. We use solar energy to heat water, light the house. We produce minimum garbage as we use less plastic and compost our kitchen scraps and other biodegradable waste. The manure goes into our rooftop garden where we are successfully growing fresh organic vegetable.